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471226_10100462607333058_1105158579_o   TAKING IT HOME: It is an unfortunate reality that mothers in Nepal are frequently forced to choose between caring for their families and earning a living wage. In order to free women from this predicament, the Appliqué Program allows them to take work home. We believe that women everywhere should be able to provide for their families while asserting their independence through meaningful work.   339072_10100462609134448_1726514658_o   IT'S ONLY FAIR: All of our garments are made in accordance with Fair Trade Practices. Our hand-stitchers are able to work at their own pace, and our garments are made from organic fibers and dyed with low impact dyes. Workers are never exposed to harmful chemicals or pesticides. Moreover, every single person employed by Synergy earns a living wage - along with the opportunity to secure brighter future for themselves and their families.   241914_10100462609174368_482613217_o   A FAMILY AFFAIR: Our eastern family is very dear to us, and we make annual visits to Nepal in order to maintain a close relationship with them. Synergy is involved and invested in the well-being of every single member of our community. Whether they are a stitcher in Nepal or a warehouse worker in Santa Cruz, they are - and always will be - treated with respect and appreciation.


Shawna Davignon

Shawna Davignon said:

Absolutely love the story behind the clothes. It makes what your wearing, worth wearing.


Özhan said:

That’s a nice project and congratulations for the idea.

Amazing Deals on Organic and Sustainable Clothing This Week

Amazing Deals on Organic and Sustainable Clothing This Week said:

[…] Wondering if it’s green washing? Nope. Synergy is GOTS certified and a GOLD member of Green America. Each listing states how much organic content is included, including some use of bamboo. Low impact dyes are used, fair trade practices and your purchase helps women in Nepal. […]

Wrapping up Thanksgiving Weekend | The Fairy Princess Diaries

Wrapping up Thanksgiving Weekend | The Fairy Princess Diaries said:

[…] green Mackenzie Wrap Dress from Synergy both shopping on Sunday and to an interview on Friday. Synergy pieces are made in Nepal using Fair Trade practices that allow women to work from home (meaning they don’t have to […]

Harshil Kakadia

Harshil Kakadia said:

I am amazed by your products and the way you are helping people. I am starting up a new clothing line in india with the same concept and would like to know more about your startup. It would be a great help.


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