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image1   Natali is a Yoga and SUP Yoga Instructor in Moab. As a Utah native and the youngest of 11 children, she has always been adventurous and active. Natali started Nautilus SUP Yoga & Fitness (after her nickname “Nautiloid” on the river) to help bring the sport of Stand Up Paddleboarding and SUP Yoga and SUP Fitness to all bodies of water across the world. With a passion for personal training, Natali adds in a flare of health and fitness to the classes, clinics, and workshops, she puts on.   Natali has been on our radar for quite some time and we are so thrilled to officially say she is part of the Synergy Organic Clothing Ambassador family. So much positivity radiates from this woman and we are really looking forward to supporting her along her journey. Check out her website here.   10308635_10153209613224465_2490507836667843423_n   10410869_10153230052644465_7946526824198415171_n Photography credit: Peter Spain Photography        
September 12, 2014


Tamara Zollinger

Tamara Zollinger said:

Thanks for loving our daughter and supporting her on her adventures!

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