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ChrystalCastleSynergy (69 of 69)   When we were first introduced to Tahl via social media, we knew she was someone we wanted to know more about. So, of course, we looked through her entire Instagram feed, which led us to her website, which led us to her Facebook account (All things we highly suggest you check out for yourself!). Let's just say we couldn't get enough of her stunning imagery and positive messages continuously delivered in a such a beautiful way.   SUNRISEB_SYNERGY (6 of 78)   Tahl is a mother of 3, yoga teacher, photographer, and extremely inspiring creative individual. From her insight to her style we were/are in awe. It quickly became clear that we wanted her to become a part of our ambassador family. It's been such a pleasure working with her and we are excited to continue to grow together. Tahl just sent out her first newsletter, do yourself a favor and make sure you're signed up for the next one, do that here.   ChrystalCastleSynergy (8 of 69)

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