A FEW OF OUR FAVE LINKSSynergy (3 of 6) copy   Some of my favorite blog post series are the seemingly simplest ones, the ones that are referred to by big name bloggers as 'Links I Love' or 'Weekly Roundup'. This subtle series gives an inside view to what fascinates them, what caught their attention enough to want to include an article, story, or feature as a favorite of the week. It's almost like the equivalent of following them on Spotify and being able to get the inside scoop of what they are listening to at the moment, a slightly personal thing. Well, without further ado, here are the links we loved this week:   Because as an adult you have to do things that don't necessarily make you happy sometimes, it all boils down to an attitude adjustment.   A brand we love, The Giving Keys, have their priorities in check for 2015 and make it clear that it's all about paying it forward.   These cold winter days have us craving soup recipes and this vegan lentil soup looks delicious.   Endless inspiration, positivity, and beautiful imagery in one beautiful space.   Swooning over the release of the Spring/Summer 2015 Lookbook by Proof Eyewear.   With the constant pull to stay on top of emails, checking too often may not be a good thing.   A video for all you eco-friendly beauty junkies out there, How To Green Your Beauty Routine.  

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