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giveaway-synergy-facebook2 We're excited to partner with our friends at Sseko Designs for our latest giveaway. Sseko is a footwear and accessories brand that uses fashion to educate and empower women in East Africa. Strut into summer in style with $150 from each brand. Enter for your chance to WIN here. SONY DSC


kids shoes wholesale suppliers

kids shoes wholesale suppliers said:

I like your beautiful and healthy clothes!

Merle Thompson

Merle Thompson said:

What a partnership! Colorful , Interesting designs , different, very fun. Love that these are made in Africa. Can’t wait to see more.

cory jackson

cory jackson said:

Excited for this giveaway. Too man great looks to choose from. #lovethemall

Alani Balawejder

Alani Balawejder said:

Adorable, colorful, comfy, stylish, sustainable, organic and local…what’s not to love about Synergy?!? Sounds like Sseko shoes are the perfect finishing touch (I now want every pair of sandals they make—so flipping cute and comfy looking!); plus the fact that proceeds are being used to send Ugandan women to college is awesome. So…you get to look amazing, feel amazing and help the world become a better place? Synergy and Sseko, you guys rock!!!

Jamie Aragao

Jamie Aragao said:

Cute, colorful, and for a good cause. Looking forward to completing my Synergy outfit with some cute kicks :)

Joyelle Petersen

Joyelle Petersen said:

I adore these lines comfortable stylish and Eco friendly They fit all Goddess shapes and sizes would love to be considered for this giveaway Blessings


Michelle said:

I love both companies and would love to get some summer gems:) Keep up the great work.


Sarah said:

Love Synergy!!!

Stephanie Kerns

Stephanie Kerns said:


Jenny Reck

Jenny Reck said:

I would love to win this is a great cause. I love to help people out volunteering, donating, even a hug or a smile will go a long way. I love Synergy and its style and organic clothing. Thanks!

Danielle Kuhns

Danielle Kuhns said:

Love my Synergy! Sseko looks/sounds like another great company:)

Jessica Mounce

Jessica Mounce said:

Love your stuff! Always buy new gear at Floydfest! 1 month and counting

Lisa Patel

Lisa Patel said:


Amber Sprague

Amber Sprague said:

Love the earthy designs and eco-friendly fabrics.

Nicki Halverson

Nicki Halverson said:

i love synergy clothing!


Alecia said:

I just want to tell you how much I absolutely love Synergy and joining with companies like SSEKO makes you guys even brighter rock stars!

debra scheeler

debra scheeler said:

I love synergy!

debra scheeler

debra scheeler said:

I love synergy

Leann Esdon

Leann Esdon said:

I get compliments every time I wear a Synergy Dress!


Lisa said:

thank you to both brands for providing hope and dignity to the women who make your beautiful products!

Rachel Weksler

Rachel Weksler said:


Kelly S

Kelly S said:

Love the shoes and clothes! So cute for summer!

Alysha Mae

Alysha Mae said:

Love the black shoes! Synegy rocks!!

anna marie

anna marie said:

blessings for the chance! I work at music festivals as a waste management supervisor and love your lines! blessings be,

anna marie
ig: a_mariek

Shay Nichols

Shay Nichols said:


Mimi Tudor

Mimi Tudor said:

Beautiful styles I love :-)!!

Allison Demarsh

Allison Demarsh said:

I love your clothing and mission!

kate lynde

kate lynde said:

i love your beautiful and healthy clothes!

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