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Guest Blogger: Anna from STRUCKBLOG
We are humbled on a daily basis by the women who wear Synergy Organic Clothing while doing inspiring things. This post is part of a series of guest blog spots written by inspirational women who kick butt while wearing Synergy! Click here to read the full post on STRUCKBLOG.
Heya! I'm Anna, I live in Toronto and love fashion, beauty, food and travel! One of my hands-down staple pieces for work is the cotton dress. I’m telling you, when Monday morning approaches and I don’t know what to wear, taking one look at my gorgeous and comfortable cotton dress boosts my mood, and my outfit. It’s like coffee in clothing form. Boom! Instantly ready to take on the day and anything that may come with it. Be it terrible traffic, piles of paperwork, or a sour coworker. You’ll look so good they’ll probably come around and compliment you anyway (the power of great style…)
The paneling is the perfect touch of detail. It also adds structure, and not just anywhere but where most of us ladies appreciate and need it – our waist. This is especially awesome because it draws the eye in and accentuates the smallest part of your body, creating a flattering silhouette. Perfect! Not to mention feeling like a million well-put-together bucks will definitely boost your confidence should you have any important meetings, presentations, or struts down long office hallways (the world is your runway of course!). Read the full post on Anna's blog, STRUCKBLOG!
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