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5 Tips for Wearing White this Summer

What is more quintessentially summer than having fun in the sun while wearing a breezy, white outfit? But wearing white (and other light colors) can be intimidating. They show stains and wrinkles easier, and are perceived as being less flattering. Never fear, we have some style solutions that will help you 'up' your light game, and have you looking fresh as a flower all season. 

1. Texture 

When wearing light neutrals you want still want to adhere to good outfit proportions. Sometimes when your whole outfit is a light color it is hard to see your shape. Try breaking it up by wearing pieces with different textures. A soft cotton contrasted with a denim or twill creates visual interest and gives the eye somewhere to land.

2. A Pop of Color

Adding a pop of color to your white outfit works to actually accentuates how light and breezy the rest of your look is. Even something as small as the neon tassels on these sandals adds a lot of fun to an outfit that could otherwise fade into the background. 

3. Make a Statement

A white outfit is the perfect backdrop for you to showcase that necklace that you keep meaning to wear. Layer on the statement pieces! Have fun trying combinations that you didn't think would work, you might surprise yourself! You can shop our selection of amazing handmade statement jewelry here. 


4. Layer

One of the reasons that wearing white is intimidating is because it is a little easier to see through and can tend to make you feel more exposed. We suggest adding layers. Not only does it create added interest to your outfit, but it helps to make you feel more comfortable. 

5. Be ready for stains

The #1 reason people give for avoiding wearing white is how easy it is to stain. Our best advice it to be prepared. Here is a link to a great all-natural DIY stain remover that you can have at the ready. 

6. BONUS TIP! Confidence

The truth is that you will look great in any outfit you feel comfortable and confident in. Wear what makes you feel good and forget about the rest. Sometimes confidence is easier said than done, that is why Synergy Organic Clothing creates clothing with integrity that you can feel proud while wearing. Knowing that your garment was ethically produced and made from materials that are easy on the environment can hopefully add a little pep to your step. 

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