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Blogger Spotlight: Meet Marley

This is the second edition in our series on eco friendly bloggers! We are so inspired by the community of creatives who are sharing inspiration and wisdom on living a more sustainable and eco-friendly life. We got to ask blogger Marley Sue a few questions about her work, and it was a lot of fun! 

What inspired you to start your blog?
I thought about starting a blog for about one year before I actually published one. During this time I was already writing about lifestyle topics and healthy recipes that I love! I want to share my own perspective on living a maintainable happy, healthy life. I have always had a creative bone in my body and my mind never stops dreaming of new ideas and ways to spread positive vibes to others. Blogging has become such a rewarding creative outlet for me as I am able to meet other likeminded people who also share a passion for topics like self-love, the environment, nutrition, positivity, and inspiring the world.
You have a fun and stylish look. What advice would you give to newbies to help them create a stylish and curated sense of style?
My biggest tip of advice for having a wardrobe that you love is to choose quality over quantity. I do not have a large wardrobe by any means, however all of the pieces that I do own bring me joy and confidence when I wear them. I keep a small list of items that I am on the hunt for and I keep editing this list so I know the next piece I am purchasing fits in with my style and will be something I can wear more than once. Also, shopping with brands that value quality and long-lasting fabrics ensures the clothes you love to wear will last a lifetime. A fun, final tip is to clothes swap with your friends. Sharing something used, but new to you is a way to experiment with other styles before making your own purchase.
@marley.sue in our Flax Bridget Dress
What are your top 5 most necessary and loved items in your wardrobe?
This question was surprisingly easy to answer! I love a good pair of high waisted denim jeans and a jean jacket (denim is also the easiest to thrift). I am here for the denim on denim trend and these two items are definitely staples for me. Next I need a comfy tee, sundress, and scarf. A baggy men’s t-shirt or a cute band tee keep things comfortable and casual for summer concerts and pair cohesively with denim! My favorite thing for summer hands down is a sundress of any kind. I love putting on one item and heading out the door. To complete my look, I always have a headband or bandana in my purse. You can tie a bandana scarf around your neck, on your bag, or in your hair to add boho vibes that look completely carefree!
@marley.sue in our Space Dye Lara Dress
Why is creating (and spreading the word about) an eco-friendly lifestyle important to you?
Often the environment is pushed behind the scenes and everyone can make a few small changes that will lead to a great overall impact. I love spreading information about the environment and brands that are making a difference. The environmental movement needs more voices for everyone to understand how important and time sensitive this topic is. I find environmental topics such as upcycling, zero and low waste, and fabrics made from reused materials so interesting. My passion to live an eco-friendly lifestyle is something innate and I truly feel so much joy when I implement a new sustainable change into my life. Supporting local shops, thrifting, and researching brands to see what their mission is regarding our planet fuels my love for learning and changing my habits to be my best self.
@marley.sue in our Flax Bridget Dress
Where do you see your blog going in the next few years? Any other goals that you are focusing on?
I would love for my blog to focus more on environmentally friendly topics and encourage others to become more educated on the state of our planet. Also, I would like to branch out into sharing healthy recipes and share more tips of how I try to live a healthy lifestyle. Discussion is such a great start to instill change and I would like to create a space for a group of people who are or would like to be conscious consumers and who value positivity and realistic healthy living. I would love to create an online group where others can share ways they strive to live eco-friendly lives so the cycle of sustainable inspiration is ongoing.

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June 12, 2018



Christine said:

I would love to feature your eco-fab clothing! I have been blogging green life since my first baby in 2011…and now I have three eco-tots! :)

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