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Cycles of Gratitude

Here at Synergy, gratitude is a daily part of our lives and an ethos we live by.

The act of gratitude is most definitely woven into sustainability, because we tend to only take care of the things that we appreciate and value. Gratitude is a thought, an action, an energy, a prayer; a way of being that exudes love, appreciation, reverence, respect, adoration and nurturance. To be grateful for someone, something, or some state, is to give an offering back to what fills you up.

To give back to the well is to sustain it.

We especially love this time of year because it offers us deeper moments of quiet, clarity and connection to that which we truly cherish. The darker days and longer nights gently urge us into a deeper reflective state. What have we accomplished this year? Who helped us? Who have we helped? What gave us life throughout the journey? What was let go of that no longer serves? Who and what is still with us now? These questions beget clarity, understanding, and recognition of what’s most important.

The holidays in the coming months give us an opportunity to celebrate the answers to these questions, and to join in revelry with those we love. Yes, it is by focusing on being grateful that can help us get through the stressful parts of this time of year. Strained family relations and the pressure to buy, can lead to forgetting what we are thankful for. But if we allow ourselves the space to tune into the natural cycles of this time of year, we can always find an anchor of gratitude.

Giving thanks keeps us grounded and tethered to this earth. It provides a lightness of being that helps us resolve anything too heavy, that’s weighing us down. Gratitude is freedom, connection, grace, and abundance. An attitude of gratitude always gives us more of what we praise.

In this spirit of acknowledgment, we extend our deepest thanks to our great, interconnected web of family, friends and community. From our wonderful team here in Santa Cruz, to our talented co-workers across the globe in India and Nepal, to You-- reading this from wherever you reside on this special ball of water and dirt.

We express a deep appreciation for all of the resources that go into making our clothing and for all of the elements- fire, water, earth, air- that give us life. We also want to extend deep gratitude and respect to the original people of the land here in Santa Cruz and the Bay Area: the Ohlone, Awaswas, and Amah Mutsun, Native American Tribes. We are so grateful to walk and create upon this land and hope to inspire better collective environmental practices through what we do at Synergy. May we honor every facet of  being that allows us to be here and thrive as often as possible.

Thank you for supporting us! We truly could not be here without you and we will continue to make clothing that supports you and our Mother Earth. Giving thanks for another day.

Written by Alexa Rae


November 25, 2019


Paulette Stenzel

Paulette Stenzel said:

This blog is lovely.

My work, too, is in sustainability. My research focuses on Fair Trade, direct trade, organics, and microfinance., and I teach about those practices too. I appreciate your approach to doing business in sustainable ways seeking social, environmental, and economic equity.

Additionally, I ppreciate your products, Your soft, organic cotton clothing is the best!


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