Earth Day Inspiration

This coming Sunday is Earth Day and we are excited to celebrate. We look for ways to honor the earth every day but its nice to have a special day to look at our impact, evaluate our intentions, and try and find ways we can clean up our act! As a company we will never stop working toward bringing more sustainability to the fashion industry. We have a lot of exciting changes on the horizon, including a partnership with Fair Trade USA and becoming a B Corp. Since we believe its not just the big changes that matter, here are some actionable ideas for living a more eco conscious lifestyle:

1. Calculate your footprint! This website takes you through a short questionaire and determines your ecological footprint. At the end it gives ideas for how you can make your footprint smaller. 


2. Check out this list of 10 Ways to Change Your Life from Yes Magazine. While some of these may not be feasible, taking an "eco-sabbath" seems like a fun and effective way to live more consciously. 

For one day or afternoon or even one hour a week, don’t buy anything, don’t use any machines, don’t switch on anything electric, don’t cook, don’t answer your phone, and, in general, don’t use any resources. In other words, for this regular period, give yourself and the planet a break. Every hour per week that you live no impact cuts your carbon emissions by 0.6 percent annually. Commit to four hours per week, that’s 2.4 percent; do it for a whole day each week to cut your impact by 14.4 percent a year.

Read the full article here.


3. Educate the next generation! This amazing article from the Good Trade has some fabulous ideas on teaching children about environmental stewardship. 


4. Get social! Social media can be frustrating and at times damaging, but there are some people out there sharing incredible messages and inspiration for a more sustainable world. Here are a few feeds we can't get enough of:







What are your favorite actionable tips for more sustainable living? Leave them in the comments to share with others :)

Happy Earth Day!

April 18, 2018

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