Happy Spring Equinox + Super Full Moon!


Today marks the beginning of the new astrological year. Unlike the Gregorian calendar, the new year according to western tropical astrology begins with the ingress of the fire sign Aries. Aries marks the beginning of Springtime here in the northern hemisphere, a new season full of blossoming, blooming, budding and becoming. The vernal equinox is a highly celebrated holy day in many cultures, marking a harmonic day of equal parts day and night.


In extra magical auspiciousness, this equinox is coupled with a full super moon in Libra! Also known as the Full Worm Moon or Full Crow Moon, it is the first full moon of the spring season, heralding a return of many flora and fauna. It is also a super moon (the last of 2019) which means it is closer to earth and will be larger and brighter than usual. A rare celestial occasion, the moon reaches peak fullness just a few hours after the sun enters Aries. (6:45pm PST) 


We are currently being gifted by the cosmos with a most opportune time to ground ourselves into the earth, attune to the natural cycles of incoming momentum and prepare ourselves to move forward with our new year seeds and dreams. We are being gently coaxed out of our hibernation caves into the brave new world of possibility. The moons light illuminates our need for more balance in our lives, balance that allows ample room for pleasure, beauty and joy. Balance that makes room for real harmony in our relations, our lives, and our communities.


To really soak up this new energy, cleansing and cleaning the body and home is highly suggested. As well as some sort of personal offering to/celebration of whatever is now sprouting in your life. Eggs, rabbits, tulips, daffodils and violets are all long time symbols of spring and fertility. Amethyst, moonstone, and rose quartz are great stones to work with at this time as well. No matter how you choose to acknowledge this day, may you know that hard times always pass, change is the only constant, and it’s never too late for a fresh start.


Equinox Blessings~

March 20, 2019

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