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Synergy Spotlight: Meet Suman and Lovely

At Synergy, we have a large, interconnected web of team members, friends, and community, that drive our mission. From our warehouse in Santa Cruz, California, to our factories in Nepal and India, our Synergy family is part of a global community with purpose.

On a recent trip to find inspiration for our next collection, Synergy founder and head designer, Kate Fisher, met with 2 integral team members as she traveled across India to connect with new and existing manufacturers and factories.


Meet Suman Yadav, a 27-year old factory employee from Gorakhpur, an industrial city in north-eastern India, in Uttar Pradesh, near the border of Nepal. 

Suman currently resides in Noida, India, close to New Delhi, and has been working at one of Synergy’s factories for the last 4 years. With a Bachelor of Arts in fashion design, she mainly works on our samples, a foundational part of the overall process in creating clothes. When she’s not working, her hobbies include reading and watching movies.

Suman is dedicated to caring for the planet, through the sustainable and ethical fashion practices of Synergy. As one of the people who oversees sample production, her favorite pieces of the fall collection include our athleisure bottoms like the Wanderer Pant and the Chakra Pant. They are great for layering under kurtahs/ tunics worn in India by women.

On her trip, Kate also met with Lovely Kumari, a budding seamstress who has been part of the team for the last 2 years. Originally from Bangalore, Lovely, is studying correspondence as part of her BA. As with most college students, her free time mostly consists of studying.

Each Synergy garment is sewn by a well-trained man or woman and tells a story of skill, craftsmanship, and care. By treating our employees with respect, we create garments that are not only of high-quality, but are also empowering the people who made them. Who and how your clothes are made, matters!

These are just two of the hundreds of hands across the globe that go into the construction of each garment.
As part of our focus on our employees in India, we want to recognize that today is International Human Rights Day. We support this day of global importance, as human rights are at the core of our ethos at Synergy Organic Clothing. We believe every human being is entitled to and worthy of respect, equity, and safety. The fair and ethical treatment of workers in the fashion industry, especially, is of huge importance to us.
December 09, 2019


Annette Funk

Annette Funk said:

I love seeing this. Inspiring! Thank you.

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