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Sustainable Holiday Dressing

Making this time of year not just fun, but stylish and meaningful, there is nothing more wonderful than wearing ethically made, organic, naturally dyed, and on-trend clothes. We at Synergy believe that every stitch, color and tone, matter. Whether jewel, earth, or bright, our clothes make all occasions more naturally beautiful.  

Looking and feeling great this time of year is a must! Celebrations with so many of our wonderful family and friends, begs feeling beautiful, inside and out – something Synergy lives by. But….as we all know, putting together outfits can also be daunting, especially as there is so much to do this time of year. Whether it be baking, gifting or decorating, no matter what you celebrate, all take time and energy, even if a joyful ritual.  

With all we have to dothmyriad of options we offer at Synergy, can be both exciting and mind-boggling. Should my top be burgundy or light olive for this event? Should I wear leggings and boots or a flowy dress at that party? Does this Cashmere Cardi pair well with this draped neckline? 

Considering all of this, we decided to ask a few of our fashion wizard(esses), their advice on putting together Synergy holiday looksAnd who better to ask than the women who make, sell, and wear our clothes, with style and dedication, on almost daily basis!  

Meet Jessica, Christine, and Kelly who put together Chic, Boho, and Girly styles that embody all that we represent, and how you’ll want to present for parties, family dinners, small gatherings of women, and of course, desserts! 

Ladies tell us a little about yourselves and the holiday outfits you’ve chosen to create and share 


What do you do here at Synergy?  
I assist the creative director and I’m in charge of the product development department 

What do you appreciate about working for Synergy?
Synergy cares about the environment, we are fair trade, GOTS and B Corp certified.This means we are part of a global movement that uses business to make the world better, not simply for making a profit.  

What do you look forward to this time of year?  
I love fall/winter fashion. Cold weather and the holidays make me want to wear all of the fall colors, whether a fancy or laid-back style. It’s just kinda  my season.
Do the holidays bring about any memories,  nostalgia, etc.? 
Definitely, because my whole family is in Mexico, I miss momtraditional, home-made donuts and ponche (a punch-like drink). I miss planning gift giving with my sister, especially what we should get our parentsAnd of course, listening to festive music in Spanish with my dad, while snuggling my dog, Titto.  

How would you describe your holiday ensemble? Chic! 
I am wearing our Velour Stride Skirt in mahogany, the Reba Cami in black, and the Smith Coat in taupe. Then I complete the look with my favorite high black boots. Make it yours with fun accessories and your favorite boots or playful shoes.  

What holiday event/s would you wear this to? 
I would wear this to a company holiday party, an evening gathering, or for my New Year’s Eve look – actually, maybe I will! 


What do you do here at Synergy?  
I am the E-commerce Assistant and help with customer service 

What do you appreciate about working for such a great company?  
I am proud to be a part of a company that’s leading the way in sustainable fashion. I also appreciate the family-oriented work environment. I get to chat with my fellow employees as I work in the open-space warehouse. And I actually think it helps us all be more productive. 

What inspires you about this time of year?  
I am inspired by the spirit of love during this time of year. It’s all about giving and being grateful. I focus less on shopping and more on feeling thankful for what I have in my life and what I can share with others.  

How would you describe your holiday threads? Boho! 
I’m wearing the Wanderer leggings in Cinder, with our Cashmere, Metamorphosis, Eco-Luxe Cardigan (You have to check out ouEco-Luxe cashmere collection!) 

What holiday event/s would you wear this to? 
I’d wear this funky-it-up outfit to a holiday pot-luck with friends or at a chilly, beach campfire wrapped in my favorite blanket. 


What do you do here at Synergy? 
Not only do I work in the warehouse packing and shipping orders, I am responsible for vending at music festivals, conferences, and tent sales. At these sales, customers purchase past season collections and one-of-a-kind clothing samples. It’s a great way to promote the brand at discounted prices.  

What do you appreciate about working for such a great company?  
I appreciate that Synergy is an environmentally conscious company and the fact that the Synergy Headquarters is located a block from the beach. This makes it a great bicycle commute and a great lunch break spot. 

What enchants you this time of year?  
Because of the change in daylight and how it gets darker earlier, I spend more time inside, being creative. I paint, sew and do pottery which is convenient for creating handmade gifts.

Do the holidays bring about any memories,  nostalgia? 
Listening to holiday music with my sisters while making popcorn and cranberry garlands for the Christmas tree. We’d also make a few “candy necklaces” to wear and snack on. Well, the popcorn anyway. No kid likes the taste of cranberries. When it was time to take down the Christmas tree, we would put the popcorn & cranberry garlands outside in the snow for the birds to eat. I think I’ll have to make one for my tree this year. 

How would you describe your holiday dress? Girly-fun 
I’m wearing the Francesca Dress in Mahogany paired with a vintage mustard jacket. This long floral printed dress is fun and feminine. The neckline frames the face nicely and the wrap accentuates the natural curves of the body.  

What holiday event/s would you wear this to? 
I would definitely wear this to a holiday party that includes dancing, toasts, and lots of cheer


Thank you, ladies, you deserve an applause for sharing your holiday outfits with us. It definitely inspires a trip to Synergy to get styled with one of the great retail employees or while shopping online, from the ease of your own home 

We hope the pressure is taken off, and that you can now imagine taking these looks, blend ours with your own, and ring in your festivities with ease, comfort, and lots of love! 

Written by Oona Besman 

November 13, 2019

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