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Synergy Spotlight: Meet Lindsay!


The Synergy Family – ALL the people who make this company run – are central to making our sustainable, organic clothing, with true integrity. That is, everyone here matters!

Lindsay is an essential part of our team! As the wholesale manager, trade show manager, and guru of all things vending related at Synergy, she ensures that our clothing comes to a store near you.

She’s been with Synergy for 8 years and has not only been able to witness Synergy at various stages of growth, she’s been integral to this growth. One of her favorite aspects of her work includes traveling to tradeshows in California, Oregon, and Colorado, and being in direct communication with vendors that carry our collections. She’s on the front line and loves hearing feedback about what people are responding to and how our organic, fashion mission resonates with customers.



Lindsay’s office is known as candy lane (she literally has a candy lane sign; that’s pretty official), not just because of her sweet demeanor but she always has sweet treats to share! Yep, other than Sour Patch kids, her favorite food group, Lindsay treasures mac n’ cheese.

Lindsay’s love of dogs is simply part of her being! When she’s not dog sitting for her friends or colleagues, you’ll find her outside, chasing or cuddling them. 


Hi there! I'm Lindsay, the Wholesale Manager at Synergy Organic Clothing.

She is also an avid outdoor enthusiast. This Aries from Central California loves hiking and aims for the tallest peaks she can find! You'll also find her snowboarding, biking, and climbing, all while decked out in our soft, comfortable, organic Synergy staples.

Spending so much time in the great outdoors, Lindsay loves being part of a sustainable fashion brand that steps lightly on the earth. She finds our breathable, sturdy cotton, perfect for all her outdoor activities. A true testament to the versatility of our clothes. 

Speaking of our clothes, Lindsay's favorite pieces from the Fall 2019 collection, include the heart opener top paired with the moon phases basic leggings. She is also a big fan of the alignment top – to throw on after a workout and go out with some of her buddies for a low-key eve on the town. 


Check back for future spotlights on our exceptional Synergy Organic Clothing team!