Synergy Summer Favorites

It’s officially summer! School is out, June Gloom is done, and a celebration of personal and collective independence is upon us. We’ve got plans for more quality time spent in the sunshine, near bodies of water, close to the earth, with family and friends. And ample solo time too, these retrogrades and eclipses have us tuning in deeply to spirit and tending to some much needed self-care. This is the season of lightness, solace, relaxation, joy, adventure, community, and connection. We all finally get to just BE with whatever is happening in our lives. Because no matter what is going on, turbulent or calm, presence is the only true remedy.

In honor of one of our favorite seasons, we put together a list of some things that we are currently enjoying. 


Moon Deck Oracle Cards- Not necessarily a summer-specific item but one we are obsessed with nevertheless! A morning pull is crucial for staying centered. 



Diptyque Paris Scented Candle in Tuberose. A decadent delight for the senses that reminds us of life’s sweetness. 



Kuumba Made Rose Coconut Oil. A super soft, soothing and heart opening cream for post sunshine bliss. 




These two are must-reads for the sacred seeking, earth worshipping, symbiotically attuned, over-worked creatives in us all.

-Emergent Strategy by adrienne maree brown  

-How to Not Always Be Working by Marlee Grace 




Hugger Mugger Travel Mat. A super lightweight and foldable yoga mat for keeping up with your practice while on the go. 



Moon Juice Spirit Dust satchels – Yummy adaptogenic blends for on the go stress relief and nourishment. 



Everyone on the Synergy team has a deep affinity for the outdoors, so opting outside is a must during summertime! Here are a couple favorite treks from our wholesale manager, Lindsay.

Crystal Lake- Mammoth Lakes, CA.

An easy 3.1 miles to the most beautiful lake, and a great place to have lunch.


MT Tallac- Lake Tahoe, CA

10 miles with with 3,000+ ft of elevation gain. Beautiful back country lakes and amazing view of Tahoe. It’s fun to start at 3am and watch the sunrise from the top!


Feel free to leave a comment and let us know one of your favorite summer activities, places or things!

July 15, 2019

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