Behind the Scenes: SPRING 2015 SHOOT


Psst... we've got a special sneak peek of Synergy-greatness to come, just for you!

We are thrilled to be shooting our Spring 2015 Collection on site in Red Rock Canyon Park in Southern California! We'll be posting more pics throughout the week; make sure you're following us on Instagram, so you don't miss a thing!


Synergy Organic Clothing Ambassador Program

Synergy Organic Clothing a   If you've ever heard someone say that actions speak louder than words, you probably understand the importance of doing, being, and living what you say. At Synergy Organic Clothing we believe in the power of supporting like-minded brands and individuals to promote a global impact of green practices. Because of this wholehearted belief that conscious representation through the way you live is key to making progress in our goal, we've decided to launch the Synergy Organic Clothing Ambassador Program.   Our ambassadors make up a group of women that we are proud to support. We believe these women represent the Synergy Organic Clothing brand, in one way, shape, or form. Now, we know that absolutely no one is perfect. Not you. Not me. Not anyone. But we also know that positive choices lead to positive outcomes, big or small, and the women we have in our ambassador program are making the kind of impact that we want to support. We're so excited to have them as a part of the Synergy Organic Clothing family and hope that you enjoy getting to know them over time.   To check out our Synergy Organic Clothing Ambassador Page go here.

Summertime in Santa Cruz, California

friday 2_IG_main_google_flag   Living year-round in a coastal California town is pretty idyllic but nothing beats the liveliness the summer months bring to our beach community. So many fun things to do and so many new people to meet as tourism skyrockets from June to August. Sometimes it's hard to focus at work when you know the waves are going off and sun is blazing but we wouldn't trade living here for anything. We count our blessings and are grateful for all that Santa Cruz brings to our company and lives. What do you love about where you live? Share with us in comments. You never know, maybe, it will be our next vacation spot!


471226_10100462607333058_1105158579_o   TAKING IT HOME: It is an unfortunate reality that mothers in Nepal are frequently forced to choose between caring for their families and earning a living wage. In order to free women from this predicament, the Appliqué Program allows them to take work home. We believe that women everywhere should be able to provide for their families while asserting their independence through meaningful work.   339072_10100462609134448_1726514658_o   IT'S ONLY FAIR: All of our garments are made in accordance with Fair Trade Practices. Our hand-stitchers are able to work at their own pace, and our garments are made from organic fibers and dyed with low impact dyes. Workers are never exposed to harmful chemicals or pesticides. Moreover, every single person employed by Synergy earns a living wage - along with the opportunity to secure brighter future for themselves and their families.   241914_10100462609174368_482613217_o   A FAMILY AFFAIR: Our eastern family is very dear to us, and we make annual visits to Nepal in order to maintain a close relationship with them. Synergy is involved and invested in the well-being of every single member of our community. Whether they are a stitcher in Nepal or a warehouse worker in Santa Cruz, they are - and always will be - treated with respect and appreciation.


Hello Everyone!


I am Henry, Co-Owner of Synergy Organic Clothing. My wife Kate started Synergy with the philosophy of giving back to the earth. As co-owners, Kate and I are always thinking of ways to make a positive impact by: following fair trade guidelines, using organic materials, and donating to progressive social justice organizations. This philosophy partly came out of my history of tabling for Greenpeace at rock and roll shows and with helping to found the touring division of Phish’s Waterwheel Foundation.



Our love of music, travel and the environment motivated me to help start the Waterwheel Foundation. We set Waterwheel up to chose non-profit organizations from a large sphere of needs, including: social services benefitting women and children, environmental organizations with a focus on clean water and land conservation, as well as food banks, and urban gardening. Thanks to the generosity of the (Phish’s) fans, since its creation, WaterWheel’s Touring Division has donated over $1,000,000 to more than 425 groups. I used to love going city to city and seeing all the progressive people and I wanted to help them. My love of giving back to people, and enjoying great music has carried over to my work at Synergy.

  [caption id="attachment_547" align="alignnone" width="600"] co-Waterwheel touring division founder and Henry's mentor Michael Hayes (guy on top of pyramid)[/caption]  

Kate and I and met at a Phish show in 1997 right before Waterwheel went on the road, but, Synergy, Kate, and I actually came out of the Grateful Dead scene. Synergy was first sold over 20 years ago in a Grateful Dead parking lot in December 1993. From there Kate went on to sell her clothing at local farmers markets, California music festivals, and street fairs. Synergy then moved into wholesale trade shows which brought our clothing to retail stores around the United States. Synergy now sells its clothing at 150 events a year including Telluride Bluegrass, High Sierra Music Festival, Austin City Limits, Floyd Fest and many many more. Synergy also works with the Waterwheel Foundation by continuing to promote its causes, donating gift certificates, and helping to design some of their clothing.



Today our family continues to travel the world. We continue to be inspired by the people making our clothing in Nepal. We work hard to support them and their families. Synergy continues to donate to non-profits working on similar campaigns to the Waterwheel Foundation. Please check out to see all the groups Synergy has donated to recently. We have giving money to plant organic fruit trees at our kids school. We donate money to all the schools in our area and we give money to as many progressive organizations as we can.

  [caption id="attachment_536" align="alignnone" width="600"]1511282_10152097226559767_521161095_n The whole phamily at Machu Picchu, 2014[/caption]  

We are eternally grateful to out loyal customers and fans, who afford us the ability to carry out our dreams and help the causes we believe in!





Henry is Co-owner of Synergy Organic Clothing, husband to Kate Fisher, and father to Zoe + Zach 

Employee of the Month: May 2014

Every month we like to honor a hard-working employee by making them do a little more work and answer some fun questions so that our community (you!) can get to know them a little bit better!   It's our pleasure to introduce the May 2014 Employee of the Month, Gina! EOM_GIna_MAY  

Q: What do you do at Synergy?

C.O.O. Meaning a little bit of everything: Trade Shows, Sales, Vending, Product Development, Social/Environmental Accountability Program and the list goes on, wearing many different hats at Synergy.

Q: Why do you like working at Synergy?

It’s simple! My life has been greatly enriched by being a part of a company I believe in. A company that is sustainable, eco-minded, and improves the quality of life for men and women in Nepal. The bonus is that the product is snazzy and has the best customer following, which I have met on the festival circuit and at trade shows. Combining my love for travel with helping a company I love to flourish..and its my job. Wow! I could keep going but then that would make it less simple.

Q: Your favorite piece from the Synergy catalog this season?

Ruched Mini Skirt, which I own in 3 colors. It’s the skirt version of the Bella Dress, which I own in 2 colors. When you find something that works get it in more than one color.

Q: What’s your motto?

One of many...

“We are all winners to our first race…a swimming race with millions…so keep that in mind when you feel like you lost”

Q: 5 favorite things?

Mountains, Movement, Movement in the Mountains, Mozzarella(fresh), Madrones, Maps, My Life, Alliteration apparently, and not being able to count.

Q: Fun fact about yourself?

I can play the recorder..thanks Waldorf!


RADIATE   Synergy Organic Clothing takes its commitment to sustainability seriously. We strive to be mindful and conscious in every facet of our business. Each Synergy piece takes a journey around the world, positively affecting everyone involved. We are deeply grateful to each and every one of our customers who allow us to be a force for good around the world.   It all starts in a design studio in Santa Cruz, California, where Kate Fisher, Co-Owner and Art Director of Synergy, dreams up all of the designs. Kate looks to the world around in her approach to design. Synergy was created in the spirit of adventure and with the vision of being a synergy of both Eastern and Western design influences.     902130_10151556601184165_1545996715_o   We source our organic cotton from India. Organic cotton is grown using methods and materials that have a lower impact on the environment than conventionally grown cotton. The cotton is grown without toxic pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and genetically modified seeds. All of our fabrics are also made with low-impact dyes. These dyes have a high absorption rate, which decreases the use of rinse water and produces less waste.   8867_10151699034489165_204980461_n   Then it's off to Nepal where our clothing is produced. We have a close and long standing relationship with our manufacturers in Nepal. Our appliqué designs are individually hand sewn by skilled crafts-women in Nepal. We adhere to employment guidelines set forth by fair labor organizations through advocating higher salaries and never employing child labor. The production of our appliqués empowers this group of 150 women with the ability to work from home, support their families with the living wage income earned and gives a sense of pride and independence.   SMILE   Then it's all back to where it started. Our warehouse in Santa Cruz is the distribution hub for the whole country. There, our crack team of Organic Clothing Experts pack and ship your orders with love and care. Wether you're buying Synergy online, at a festival or in a store, you can feel proud that you are supporting the livelihood of the worldwide community that is Synergy Organic Clothing.   1506681_10201562096586517_228510724_n


[caption id="attachment_139" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Designer, Kate Fisher, in element creating future collections while in Nepal in October 2013 Designer, Kate Fisher, in element creating future collections while in Nepal in October 2013[/caption] The seeds of Synergy Organic Clothing were planted in 1993, by designer and co-owner, Kate Fisher, when she set off for Kathmandu, Nepal at the age of 21 with adventure in her eyes. In the midst of her extensive travels in Asia she started buying textiles and clothing that she then sold upon her return home. A business was born. In time, and after the birth of their first child in 2006, she partnered up with her husband and co-owner, Henry Schwab. Together they have integrated her interest in clothing and textile design, with his experience of having worked for GreenPeace and co-founding Phish’s touring division of The Waterwheel Foundation. With a shared vision of a sustainable business model they are creating a brand that reflects their organic roots and adventurous spirits.   Our mission is to create eco-friendly and fashion-forward clothing and yoga apparel for women. Always striving to be mindful and conscious in every facet of our business, we produce sustainable and organic fair trade clothing that lets you look and feel your best. We want all women to radiate effortless style while treading gently on the Earth.   [caption id="attachment_133" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Our skilled craftswomen who hand-sewn all of our applique designs in Nepal Our skilled craftswomen who hand-sewn all of our applique designs in Nepal.[/caption] Predominantly working with organic cotton from India using only low impact dyes our clothing is manufactured in Nepal, according to fair trade practices. These practice are verified by our long-term relationships with our manufacturers and our frequent trips to Nepal.   Synergy was created in the spirit of adventure and with the vision of being a synergy of both Eastern and Western design influences and looks to the world around in its approach to design. Taking inspiration from both the natural and urban landscapes, in addition to modern and ancient cultural influences we continue to be inspired by earths beauty.   [caption id="attachment_134" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Synergy Organic Clothing U.S. employees at the holiday party in December 2013 Synergy Organic Clothing U.S. employees at the holiday party in December 2013[/caption] Over the years our brand has grown to include 3 retail locations, an e-commerce website, a wholesale business to over 1,000 accounts internationally and domestic, including SW region Whole Foods Markets. Yet we have still hung onto our original roots, and take pride in our one on one service. We are a family operated business, and our staff is like family to us. Our spirit of adventure is still quenched through our trips to Nepal, as well as along the festival circuit, where we got our start selling. We hope to see you all along the path of adventure and we thank you for being a part of Synergy.


fairtradepost Synergy's roots are firmly planted in the misty mountains of Nepal. The seeds of Synergy were planted in 1993, by Kate Fisher, when she set off for Nepal and India with adventure in her eyes. In the midst of her extensive travels in Asia she started buying textiles and clothing that she sold upon her return home. A business was born. Synergy was created in the spirit of adventure and with the vision of being a synergy of both Eastern and Western design influences.   We honor those roots by continuing to produce our clothing in Nepal. Synergy Organic Clothing follows the guidelines requested by fair trade organizations. Thus, we aim to help our producers in Nepal promote fair labor and sustainability. We advocate higher salaries for the employees, promote higher social and environmental standards, and do not hire child labor. The employees receive generous work breaks that include afternoon tea. Additionally, the women who sew our appliqués have the option to work from home. They have also developed sewing circles where many women gather together to work.   Not only do we follow the Fair Labor practices, we take an extra step to ensure that our employees do not work with hazardous chemicals in our clothing. We have privately hired local liaisons to oversee the day-to-day business operations and ensure that fair labor practices are used. Throughout each year, the owners or upper management of Synergy Organic Clothing visit the facility to ensure high standard working conditions are being met. We are always striving to make improvements.   fairtradepost2