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Employee of the Month: May 2014

Every month we like to honor a hard-working employee by making them do a little more work and answer some fun questions so that our community (you!) can get to know them a little bit better!   It's our pleasure to introduce the May 2014 Employee of the Month, Gina! EOM_GIna_MAY  

Q: What do you do at Synergy?

C.O.O. Meaning a little bit of everything: Trade Shows, Sales, Vending, Product Development, Social/Environmental Accountability Program and the list goes on, wearing many different hats at Synergy.

Q: Why do you like working at Synergy?

It’s simple! My life has been greatly enriched by being a part of a company I believe in. A company that is sustainable, eco-minded, and improves the quality of life for men and women in Nepal. The bonus is that the product is snazzy and has the best customer following, which I have met on the festival circuit and at trade shows. Combining my love for travel with helping a company I love to flourish..and its my job. Wow! I could keep going but then that would make it less simple.

Q: Your favorite piece from the Synergy catalog this season?

Ruched Mini Skirt, which I own in 3 colors. It’s the skirt version of the Bella Dress, which I own in 2 colors. When you find something that works get it in more than one color.

Q: What’s your motto?

One of many...

“We are all winners to our first race…a swimming race with millions…so keep that in mind when you feel like you lost”

Q: 5 favorite things?

Mountains, Movement, Movement in the Mountains, Mozzarella(fresh), Madrones, Maps, My Life, Alliteration apparently, and not being able to count.

Q: Fun fact about yourself?

I can play the recorder..thanks Waldorf!