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FESTIVAL STYLE: The Earth Worshipper

the earth worshipper   In our new series, we are helping you find your Festival Spirit Style. Are you the Earth Worshipper? You can find her dancing the night away, and then volunteering to clean up the next day. Her earthy spirit has a radiant effect on everyone around her. She loves festivals because they are the perfect pairing of nature and music. She is mindful in all her decisions, including her purchases. She only supports companies that effect positive change or promote a higher cause.   Our Dragonfly One Shoulder Dress is perfect for the Earth Worshipper in all of us. It is made from our signature organic cotton lycra and features an appliqué hand stitched by a craftswoman in Nepal (to find out more about how Synergy is helping women in Nepal click here).   Here we pair the Dragonfly One Shoulder Dress with:   1. The Black Dahlia Hat by Krochet Kids. This fair trade hat is made by craftswomen in Uganda. The aim of Krochet Kids is to lift women out of poverty. 2. The Blackwood Bembea Ring by Lydali. This fair trade ring is made in Tanzania. Lydali plants a tree in the Tanzanian Rainforest for every piece sold. 3. Upcycled Bracelets by the Base Project. These bracelets are made from upcycled materials. The Base Project Works to bridge artisans in developing countries with the US fashion market. 4. Correa Sandals by TOMS. These sandals are vegan, and TOMS donates one pair of shoes for every pair purchased.   Looking for the Earth Worshipper? She'll probably be at Mountain Jam this weekend (June 5-8), and so will we! Come check out the booth if you're in the area.  


lockn   Bust out your flower crown and throw on your Synergy dress because it's that time of year again. That's right party people, festival season is officially upon us! This year, like many before, Synergy will be vending at over 150 festivals! This translates to many a opportunity to get your hands on sweet Synergy gear.   Fun fact: Did you know Synergy Organic Clothing got its start being sold at Grateful Dead shows in the 90's? Pretty cool, right? We think so too. Fun fact numero dos: The key to festival fashion = effortless, throw-on-and-go items that take you from grooving under the sun to dancing in the moon light. That's exactly where we come into play. Our collections are comfortable, fun, and cute as heck, so check us out along this wild ride and scoop up your next favorite wardrobe staple.   pranafest     There are a few ways to make sure you stay up to date on where our Synergy festival crew will be next.   1. 'Like' us on Facebook. We post about all the important Synergy happenings including special deals and events going on at upcoming festivals. 2. Check out the "Events" page on our website.   Don't see a festival you were hoping to find us at? Let us know in the comments section below! Hope to see you on the road!   ROckygrass1


RADIATE   Synergy Organic Clothing takes its commitment to sustainability seriously. We strive to be mindful and conscious in every facet of our business. Each Synergy piece takes a journey around the world, positively affecting everyone involved. We are deeply grateful to each and every one of our customers who allow us to be a force for good around the world.   It all starts in a design studio in Santa Cruz, California, where Kate Fisher, Co-Owner and Art Director of Synergy, dreams up all of the designs. Kate looks to the world around in her approach to design. Synergy was created in the spirit of adventure and with the vision of being a synergy of both Eastern and Western design influences.     902130_10151556601184165_1545996715_o   We source our organic cotton from India. Organic cotton is grown using methods and materials that have a lower impact on the environment than conventionally grown cotton. The cotton is grown without toxic pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and genetically modified seeds. All of our fabrics are also made with low-impact dyes. These dyes have a high absorption rate, which decreases the use of rinse water and produces less waste.   8867_10151699034489165_204980461_n   Then it's off to Nepal where our clothing is produced. We have a close and long standing relationship with our manufacturers in Nepal. Our appliqué designs are individually hand sewn by skilled crafts-women in Nepal. We adhere to employment guidelines set forth by fair labor organizations through advocating higher salaries and never employing child labor. The production of our appliqués empowers this group of 150 women with the ability to work from home, support their families with the living wage income earned and gives a sense of pride and independence.   SMILE   Then it's all back to where it started. Our warehouse in Santa Cruz is the distribution hub for the whole country. There, our crack team of Organic Clothing Experts pack and ship your orders with love and care. Wether you're buying Synergy online, at a festival or in a store, you can feel proud that you are supporting the livelihood of the worldwide community that is Synergy Organic Clothing.   1506681_10201562096586517_228510724_n