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Padhma Knits Accessories

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This holiday season is all about gifts that give back. We are proud to be selling handmade woolen accessories from Padhma Knits, a fair labor company based out of Nepal that is committed to helping end the cycle of poverty.


These hats, scarves, and hand warmers are knit by skilled artisans in Eastern Nepal. Most of these women come from extreme poverty and many are rescued from human trafficking or domestic abuse.  Padhma Knits launched a pilot program to provide skill training to empower women who might otherwise not have an opportunity to earn an income and or work from home.


Padhma Knitter - Punee Gurung

The pilot project was a success as the artisans were able to earn enough to buy food, help cover household expenses, and send their children to school. There are now three knitting communities in Nepal, employing 50+ women.


Padhma Knitter - Nita Sharma

In line with their mission of ending poverty, Padhma Knits also invests in childern. They have an education fund that supports over 35 children as they pursue higher education.


Padhma Knitter - Maya Gurung

Read more about this amazing company here.

The Nepal Earthquake

Kathmandu_Durbar_Square,_Nepal1logo To all of our beloved customers and fans, We thank you for all of your continued support that not only reaches many here in the USA but also helps the lives of so many in Nepal, where our clothing is made.  As most of you know there was a massive earthquake in Nepal a few days ago that was quite devastating. We are very thankful that so far all of our friends and Synergy family in Nepal has been accounted for as safe, in addition to our factory where our clothing is made. Power has been largely off and so our communication has been intermittent and we are trying to gather more and more information to see how we can be of service in Nepal. As a starting point we would like to donate 20% of all revenue to efforts that are providing direct relief to people in Nepal. All sales this week will go towards these efforts. We are starting by donating funds to both Seva and Karuna Shechen. We also encourage anyone to make their own personal donations to these two organizations, or a group of your choice. Synergy is ever grateful to the beautiful country of Nepal and its people, for being such an integral part of our company. Our hearts and prayers are with the people of Nepal now as they face this challenging time. We are hopeful that efforts will be successful in helping the country recover and we thank you for your continued support of Synergy and for the ripple affect that support has on Nepal. We feel blessed that we were able to have just traveled to Nepal a few weeks ago with our children and to have had such a special time there connecting with our Synergy Nepal family and the special country of Nepal. Those fresh memories of our time there are keeping our hearts and connection to Nepal in this time that much closer, and our faith in all recovery efforts that much stronger. Join us in sending our prayers for healing to Nepal. Kate and Henry ( co –owners) IMG_3382


kathmandu style Meet the Kathmandu Tunic! This jumper is the perfect way to show your fresh, playful side. It gets its namesake from the beautiful city of Kathmandu, Nepal, where our clothing is made. Grab your favorite boots and leggings if it is cold, and you are ready to skip around town. wft6-black copy WFT6-CAMEL copy WFT6-HIGHLAND copy