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Synergy in Nepal

Synergy in Nepal

At Synergy we look for ways of collaborating that tie into our core beliefs as a company. We were recently honored to have international photographer, volunteer, humanitarian, and all around amazing person, Amanda Bensel, do a documentary style photo shoot of our stitchers and our factory in Nepal. 

Meet the Makers

Synergy appliques are hand-sewn by artisans in Nepal. We are happy to be able to provide these artisans with the unique opportunity to take their work home with them. All too often, women in Nepal are forced to choose between caring for their families and earning an income.

Padhma Knits Accessories

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This holiday season is all about gifts that give back. We are proud to be selling handmade woolen accessories from Padhma Knits, a fair labor company based out of Nepal that is committed to helping end the cycle of poverty.


These hats, scarves, and hand warmers are knit by skilled artisans in Eastern Nepal. Most of these women come from extreme poverty and many are rescued from human trafficking or domestic abuse.  Padhma Knits launched a pilot program to provide skill training to empower women who might otherwise not have an opportunity to earn an income and or work from home.


Padhma Knitter - Punee Gurung

The pilot project was a success as the artisans were able to earn enough to buy food, help cover household expenses, and send their children to school. There are now three knitting communities in Nepal, employing 50+ women.


Padhma Knitter - Nita Sharma

In line with their mission of ending poverty, Padhma Knits also invests in childern. They have an education fund that supports over 35 children as they pursue higher education.


Padhma Knitter - Maya Gurung

Read more about this amazing company here.


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We are pleased to announce that MULXIPLY jewelry is now available on synergyclothing.com. MULXIPLY Jewelry is made fairly by artisans in Nepal. You can read more about their sustainable business practices on their blog.  

Most of Nepal lives in the country or mountain regions. They are historically a “village” society, heavily dependent on agriculture, which provides sustenance and perhaps a small income to their families. Most Nepalis live in remote and hard-to-reach regions, where it can take two or three days on foot via mountain paths just to reach public transport. There is very little developed infrastructure outside of Nepal’s few big cities.


Only 17% of the Nepalese population live in urban centers, a statistic which increases yearly due to people seeking opportunities outside their village, particularly the younger generations. This rapid urbanization results in high levels of poverty because cities like Kathmandu cannot economically accommodate for the influx. Unemployment coupled with global inflation continues to widen the gap between “the have” and the “have nots”. The poor strive to put food on their table leaving little or nothing left to acquire “basic” services such as healthcare and education.That’s half of the population of Nepal.

-Tanja Cesh, MULXIPLY



MULXIPLY is interrupting poverty by creating opportunity. Made fairly and fashionably in Nepal. Click here to shop now.

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Synergy Infinity Scarves + Whole Foods

We are ELATED to announce that Whole Foods Market will be carrying our Infinity Scarves at EVERY one of their United States locations. IMG_7986

These scarves are made from our signature organic cotton fabric and are perfect for every season. A portion of all sales of the scarves will go to benefit Padhma Knits. Padhma Knits is a company that helps women who are the victims of sex trafficking. They create fair trade hand knit products in Nepal.


Padhma Knits is a woman owned and operated company that is doing a lot of much needed good in the small communities of Nepal.


We are so grateful to for this partnership and the opportunity to see our scarves travel all over the country! If you get a chance stop by your local Whole Foods and pick one up as a gift for the holidays and help support our the amazing people of Nepal.

The Sri Yantra Yoga Collection: Sacred Geometry

[caption id="attachment_1757" align="alignnone" width="600"]Sri Yantra Yoga Bra + Basic Capri Leggings Sri Yantra Yoga Bra + Basic Capri Leggings[/caption] The Sri Yantra is one of the new screenprinted designs in our Yoga Collection this season. The Sri Yantra is an important symbol in Hindu culture. This sacred diagram is made up of 9 interlocking triangles that form 43 smaller triangles. It is symbolic of the Goddess, the Womb, and creation. It is said that you can map your spiritual journey from material existence to ultimate enlightenment through the lines of the Sri Yantra. [caption id="attachment_1758" align="alignnone" width="600"]Sri Yantra Shakti Tank + Paneled Leggings Sri Yantra Shakti Tank + Paneled Leggings[/caption] The Sri Yantra Collection is especially close to the heart of Designer/Co-owner of Synergy, Kate Fisher. She is an avid yogi and a true believer in the power yoga can have on the world. Just as the geometry of the Sri Yantra connects all of those tiny triangles, this yoga collection connects you to the women who produce it in Nepal. These are women who are earning a living wage and helping to rebuild their country after a devastating earthquake. [caption id="attachment_1760" align="alignnone" width="600"]Sri Yantra Jane Tank in Coral Sri Yantra Jane Tank in Coral[/caption] In yoga, we bend and manipulate our bodies into asanas, following our own personal paths of intention. In this way our bodies mimic the sacred geometry of the Sri Yantra that is in all of us. Shop the collection here.

The Nepal Earthquake

Kathmandu_Durbar_Square,_Nepal1logo To all of our beloved customers and fans, We thank you for all of your continued support that not only reaches many here in the USA but also helps the lives of so many in Nepal, where our clothing is made.  As most of you know there was a massive earthquake in Nepal a few days ago that was quite devastating. We are very thankful that so far all of our friends and Synergy family in Nepal has been accounted for as safe, in addition to our factory where our clothing is made. Power has been largely off and so our communication has been intermittent and we are trying to gather more and more information to see how we can be of service in Nepal. As a starting point we would like to donate 20% of all revenue to efforts that are providing direct relief to people in Nepal. All sales this week will go towards these efforts. We are starting by donating funds to both Seva and Karuna Shechen. We also encourage anyone to make their own personal donations to these two organizations, or a group of your choice. Synergy is ever grateful to the beautiful country of Nepal and its people, for being such an integral part of our company. Our hearts and prayers are with the people of Nepal now as they face this challenging time. We are hopeful that efforts will be successful in helping the country recover and we thank you for your continued support of Synergy and for the ripple affect that support has on Nepal. We feel blessed that we were able to have just traveled to Nepal a few weeks ago with our children and to have had such a special time there connecting with our Synergy Nepal family and the special country of Nepal. Those fresh memories of our time there are keeping our hearts and connection to Nepal in this time that much closer, and our faith in all recovery efforts that much stronger. Join us in sending our prayers for healing to Nepal. Kate and Henry ( co –owners) IMG_3382


kathmandu style Meet the Kathmandu Tunic! This jumper is the perfect way to show your fresh, playful side. It gets its namesake from the beautiful city of Kathmandu, Nepal, where our clothing is made. Grab your favorite boots and leggings if it is cold, and you are ready to skip around town. wft6-black copy WFT6-CAMEL copy WFT6-HIGHLAND copy


471226_10100462607333058_1105158579_o   TAKING IT HOME: It is an unfortunate reality that mothers in Nepal are frequently forced to choose between caring for their families and earning a living wage. In order to free women from this predicament, the Appliqué Program allows them to take work home. We believe that women everywhere should be able to provide for their families while asserting their independence through meaningful work.   339072_10100462609134448_1726514658_o   IT'S ONLY FAIR: All of our garments are made in accordance with Fair Trade Practices. Our hand-stitchers are able to work at their own pace, and our garments are made from organic fibers and dyed with low impact dyes. Workers are never exposed to harmful chemicals or pesticides. Moreover, every single person employed by Synergy earns a living wage - along with the opportunity to secure brighter future for themselves and their families.   241914_10100462609174368_482613217_o   A FAMILY AFFAIR: Our eastern family is very dear to us, and we make annual visits to Nepal in order to maintain a close relationship with them. Synergy is involved and invested in the well-being of every single member of our community. Whether they are a stitcher in Nepal or a warehouse worker in Santa Cruz, they are - and always will be - treated with respect and appreciation.