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Guest Blogger: Katie Jo


We are humbled on a daily basis by the women who wear Synergy Organic Clothing while doing incredible things. This post is the first in a series of guest blog spots written by inspirational women who kick butt while wearing Synergy!

Hi everyone! My name is Katie Jo and I'm a climbing instructor from Southern California. This past Saturday I reached a pretty big climbing milestone by successfully climbing a 5.13a sport route, a difficult achievement I never imagined would be possible when I first began climbing five years ago. The only things I could picture then, were my feet slipping, the rock crumbling, and myself, tumbling into open space. Though I grew up with a mountaineering father and always felt drawn to the mountains and crags, I was also terrified of heights! My first time sport climbing outside, I was so scared of falling that I cried at every bolt! 

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But along with the opportunities to be outdoors and the supportive community it provides, this same fear, is one of the big reasons why I have come to love climbing so much. It's a sport that never ceases to challenge, both mentally and physically. Climbing presents constant obstacles, teaching you to focus, trust in yourself, think of creative solutions, and be completely in the moment in order to overcome.  Along the way, the rock will crumble, your feet will slip, and you'll take plenty of falls, but I have come to realize that these are only opportunities to get back up, to work a little harder, to reach a little further.  And when you reach the anchors of your most difficult route, it's pretty incredible to realize that you are capable of things you never imagined!

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Climbing has made such a positive impact on my life and for this reason I love sharing it with others.  I'm very grateful to Synergy for their support and for giving me an opportunity to write about this amazing sport. If anybody out there has any questions about climbing, please reach out via IG (@katiejo.myers) or my blog ( I would love to hear from you!blog 4

In this shoot Katie is wearing our Native Summer Bra and Basic Capri Pants

Synergy Ambassador: MEET DAWN

IMG_1535   We're so excited to introduce our newest Synergy Organic Clothing Ambassador, Dawn Sora Yang. Some of you may know this L.A. based R.N. and yoga teacher through her super cute and cheerful Instagram account!  If you have yet to know the positivity that is @monkeymix, please take this moment to follow her account, you will not regret this.   Dawn is like a ray of sunshine. Her smile, amazingly cute dogs, and on-location yoga poses give your feed that extra dose of inspiration that is just what the doctor (or nurse) ordered. Get it? Alright, enough of the cheesy jokes because in all seriousness we're really excited about this addition to our Synergy family.   If you live in and around L.A. check out her website for a class schedule. Also make sure to follow her on Facebook for updates on what she has up her sleeve next!   IMG_1106_2   IMG_1110_2   FullSizeRender

Synergy Ambassador: MEET TAHL

ChrystalCastleSynergy (69 of 69)   When we were first introduced to Tahl via social media, we knew she was someone we wanted to know more about. So, of course, we looked through her entire Instagram feed, which led us to her website, which led us to her Facebook account (All things we highly suggest you check out for yourself!). Let's just say we couldn't get enough of her stunning imagery and positive messages continuously delivered in a such a beautiful way.   SUNRISEB_SYNERGY (6 of 78)   Tahl is a mother of 3, yoga teacher, photographer, and extremely inspiring creative individual. From her insight to her style we were/are in awe. It quickly became clear that we wanted her to become a part of our ambassador family. It's been such a pleasure working with her and we are excited to continue to grow together. Tahl just sent out her first newsletter, do yourself a favor and make sure you're signed up for the next one, do that here.   ChrystalCastleSynergy (8 of 69)

Synergy Ambassador: MEET RACHEL ANNA

RachelAnnaYoga   We're excited to officially introduce another Synergy Organic Clothing Ambassador, Rachel, better know to many as Rachel Anna Yoga.   Made with Repix (   Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Rachel is a passionate instructor (find her class schedule here) and student of yoga. Her philosophy is that yoga is for everyone, and believes that yoga benefits not only the physical body, but the mind and heart as well. Her playful classes are aimed at empowering students to access and build their strength while finding joy, clarity, and peace in their practice, and in their lives off the mat.   photo 1-1   There are so many reasons to stay in-tune with what Rachel is up to! Not only does she have a beautiful blog with tons of great insight, she has some pretty epic photography and yoga inspiration on her instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. She will bring light to your daily social media musings. We are so grateful to have her a part of our ambassador family and look forward to supporting, promoting, and watching her grow.   synergysunset   photo 3-1