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Synergy Organic Clothing x GoMacro GIVEAWAY

go macro graphic   Partnering with like-minded companies has quickly become an integral part of our brand. We always choose to promote those who are doing their share to encourage and cultivate a conscious lifestyle. We place a high value on the transparency of the products we choose to consume, and we’re not solely speaking to the physical act of consumption, however that just so happens to be the case with GoMacro MacroBars.   GoMacro is a company that believes “in feeling good about what we eat - how it tastes, how it’s made, and how it sustains the environment.” A company after our own heart! At Synergy Organic Clothing we believe our customers have the right to know who, what, where, and how our clothing is made. For us, it all comes back to living that healthy, organic, and mindful life.   It was a no brainer to team with GoMacro for a super fun giveaway! Rooted in five core principles of Vegan, Macrobiotic, Wholesome, Gives Back, and Sourced Sustainably we can't say enough amazing things about this brand. Except we haven’t yet mentioned how epically delicious these bars are! A flavor for every palette and without a pang of guilt for what you're putting into your body or the kind of company you're supporting. When you purchase GoMacro you are supporting a family owned business whose “mission is to manufacture wholesome, healthy snacks, because [they] believe that food and food quality impact health, happiness and well being for all.” We couldn't agree more, which is why we're offering you the chance to enter this Facebook giveaway from GoMacro and us!     It’s so easy to enter! Here’s how:   1. ‘Like’ the GoMacro Facebook page 2. ‘Like’ the Synergy Organic Clothing Facebook page. 3. Once steps 1 & 2 are completed write a comment on this Facebook post!   Voila! A few clicks of the mouse and you are entered to win a prize estimated at over $300 dollars! The prize includes 3 boxes of GoMacro bars (approx. value $150) and 3 items of your choice from (approx. value $150-$300).   Guidelines: Giveaways runs August 26, 2014 – September 9, 2014. Winner announced September 12, 2014. Must be 18 to enter. Valid to U.S. residents only.

Amy's Kitchen x Synergy Organic Clothing GIVEAWAY


  We pride ourselves on being a family-owned company that promotes mindful lifestyle choices. These choices may not always be the easiest or cheapest, but they are certainly the best for the planet. For us, living a mindful life includes promoting like-minded companies, like Amy's Kitchen. Not only do they make organic, non-GMO, delicious food, but they are also family–owned. Founded 26 years ago in Sonoma County, California, Amy’s Kitchen is a leader in the natural foods world and one of the few remaining companies to handcraft their own foods. They currently make over 250 different products, including entrees, burritos, soups, pizzas, and even desserts (like cake, gluten-free brownies, and candy bars!). Everything is handmade, and they even make their own tofu, pasta, and sauces from scratch! These words from Amy’s co-founder Rachel Berliner sum up what makes Amy's so special: “We cook food just like you do at home – just with much bigger pots!”   Now, if that isn’t something special in this day and age, I don’t know what is. It’s so easy to lose sight of the importance of taking care, supporting quality and choosing organic, but Amy’s has not. On top of that, their food is just delicious - perfectly suited for the busy person who wishes they always had time to hit the farmers' market. (For more information on Amy’s Kitchen check out their website.)   We're so excited to have teamed with Amy’s Kitchen to celebrate a few of the key components of both our companies, organic products and being family-owned. That's why we're bringing you the #OrganicGathering GIVEAWAY! Enter for your chance to win a grand-prize worth $400. Two lucky runner-up winners will receive prizes totaling $150.  Here’s how you enter:   1. Follow the Synergy Organic Clothing Instagram, @synergyclothing and the Amy's Kitchen Instagram, @amys_kitchen accounts.   2. Post a photo on Instagram of any sort of gathering or group setting with the hashtag #organicgathering – The photo could be anything from a family reunion, to lunch with friends, or a casual hangout with a few close companions!   Guidelines: Must have public account in-order for entry to be seen. Contest runs from July 1-14, 2014 at 11:59 PDT. Winner will be randomly selected and announced on July 16, 2014. The grand prize estimated at around $400 will consist of a $200 gift card to and "Free lunch For a Month" from Amy's Kitchen estimated at $200. The runner-up prize(s) estimated at around $150 will consist of the a "Sweet Treat" basket from Amy's Kitchen estimated at $75 and the option to select any single item from estimated anywhere between $50-$120 depending on what is selected.