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As the days grow darker, nights longer and veils thinner our beings begin to crave more restoration and solitude. Fall is the season for celebrating the harvest and abundance in our lives and also for going inward. Taking care of mind, body and spirit is not always an easy task in our over achieving hustle bustle world, but it is crucial for staying grounded, creative and sane.

Attuning to the earth’s natural cycles whilst taking care of ourselves helps strengthen our own intuition as well. The more we take the time to pause, the more innate it becomes, and the more our environment actually supports us in taking good care. In turn, we offer reverence to our environment by aligning with it and it’s fluidly changing seasons.

Often we think we need to do elaborate or time consuming things for it to be self-care, and while sometimes a bigger reset is indeed necessary, it’s actually the little consistent things we do daily that provide long term respite.

We’ve compiled some of our favorite, simple and effective ways to slow down, ground down and clear out to assist during these transformational times. We hope they become rituals you can keep around as the wheel turns.


Phone Boundaries

First things first, we have to get in better balance with our screen time. Not only is it consuming all of our time, but it’s also scattering our brains, shortening our attention spans, hurting our neck and spines and depleting our adrenals. Our human bodies were not set up for looking at a small rectangle outpouring copious amounts of information all day.

Guilt or shame around our addictions and tendencies won’t help either. We all are figuring out our addictions to new technology as we go. It’s up to all of us to figure out what works. Setting boundaries, or limits, around being offline seems to be a key component to inner peace and outer productivity. No phone or computer for a set period time , like 9pm-9am, gives an ample window to wind down at night and recharge without the blue light. It also allows for a more easeful experience in the morning and time to do some morning practices without being jolted awake with the latest political nightmare. Try putting your phone on airplane mode when you sleep to minimize electromagnetic frequencies coming in, or better yet, leave it in another room altogether. Play around with the times that work for you, but committing to this practice is key. It might not be easy at first, but tomorrow is always another day.


Give yourself time to meditate.

No Multitasking

The ability to do multiple things at once has always been touted as a skill successful people should have. Maximize efficiency! Do it all at once and then you can get it all done! Except now studies are coming out that the most successful and focused people actually do one thing at a time and they do it well. Giving your full attention to something ensures it gets done fully and with integrity. It also requires you to s l o w down. Consider it the meditation of Doing, where awareness is brought to each part of the process until it’s finished. Not only does it help you to actually be more productive, it feels like a big sigh on your nervous system. Your body relaxes knowing it doesn’t have to, and probably shouldn’t, do all the things at once.


Herbal Infusions

Herbs are our often-overlooked allies and friends. They are here to support us in living our best earthly lives, not just when we are sick but through preventive care as well. You can always count on them to lift you up, especially if you know who to call on.

Nettles are an all time favorite~ they help rebalance our adrenals when we are fatigued, can help alleviate anxiety, flush out toxins from our liver and kidneys, and works as an antihistamine during allergy flare-ups. They are a wonder herb for all that ails.

Oatstraw is also a wonderful nervous system tonifer and works to alleviate stress and promote wellbeing. It is also is full of rich minerals that nourish bones, teeth and body. It is gentle restorative herb perfect for those that are cold, depleted, tired or chronically burnt out.

Lavender and Chamomile are well known trusty calming allies and for good reason. They both aid in relaxation and have a deep, calming effect on the mind and body. They are helpful for anxiety and insomnia, and chamomile is also helpful for digestive issues.

To make an infusion, simply place an ounce of one (or mix of all) herb in a quart sized mason jar with boiling water and let sit for 4-8 hours. Then strain the fusion and drink! A super simple way to support your body and mind as you go about your day.


Move Your Body

Yes, that one health tip we all know about and usually do but sometimes fall into ruts of not doing for far too long. Moving the physical body is crucial to clearing out stagnant energy, both physical and mental. It allows all the systems in your body to function better, and let things that need to move through- move through. Moving your body doesn’t necessarily have to mean going to the gym or making it to that yoga class. It can be as simple as keeping a rolled up mat by your desk and busting it out every couple hours for a quick stretch. It can be a walk around the block mid or post work session. It can be just standing up and reaching towards the sky for a few breaths! Even better, it could be walking outside and putting your bare feet on a patch of grass, dirt or sand. Grounding as it’s referred to, is a very beneficial practice in keeping you connected to the earth’s natural frequencies, thus stabilizing and grounding your own being. However you choose to move, big or small, taking time every day to do so will always keep you peacefully aligned.


Block of Unscheduled Time

We are all pretty accustomed to filling up our schedules to the brim these days. Even self-care practices can become to-do lists; meditate, breathwork, journal, yoga, therapy, etc. Having occasional blocks of time, or a whole full day where you have nothing planned and nothing to-do creates a wonderful reset for your whole being. We need safe space to just do nothing. It is crucial to have time to rest, be lazy, dream craft, attune to the simplicity of nature right outside our door without some pressure that there needs to be more than what IS. The beauty of being present is found in the still moments of nothingness. You hereby have permission to do nothing. May you explore your moments of nothing with ease, joy and acceptance.

These are some of our ideas of ways to pause, that do not cost any money, can be done anywhere, and may help bring in more ease to your day.

If you try any of our ideas and want to give us feed back we would love to hear from you! Connect with us on Instagram @synergyclothing!